Saturday, 18 October 2014

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 15 - Design

We were dived into a few groups of three. I happened to be in a group with Kieran Batchelor and James Harding. The brief was extremely exciting - we had to design an experience for children to get involved into the life of farming. The location was a recently cleared area which leads towards a Temple of Wood. We had to design a space which would accommodate 30 children at once plus staff. The focal point and main structure had to be the information and orientation buildings at the centre of the site (approx 60sq.m. + storage). The groups of children would be taught about farming and where the animal products such as meat, wool, dairy, eggs etc. come from. They would experience the animals as well by getting closer to them. Any animal type would have its own enclosure with housing where at least two animals would be brought for the time being and occupy the space while the children are around. The type of animals we had to consider are as follow: beef cow, dairy cow, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks with a pond. 

So first we visited the site as well were introduced to the brief. We had two days to come up with a concept before the presentation.

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