Monday, 20 October 2014

Non-Scape Dialogue - Edited 2014

Intro Project - An Alternative Serpentine Gallery

Group 11 was the name of our team which involved myself, Isabell, Iain, Amanda and Andy. We had to design an alternative pavilion of the annual Serpentine gallery. Our idea was pretty straight forward, we wanted to design an event, an action, something that would evolve in time and space rather than a static structure which just stands still and nobody bothers to visit twice, in case they have even visited once. We kind of thought of the life span of the gallery which is four months (June-October) and how it's related to the zodiac signs. June - Cancer (water), July - Leo (fire), August - Virgo (earth) and September - Libra (air). 

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 19 - Winner

The last day of the Prince's Foundation Summer School 2014 finished with a long day of presentations, discussions and decision-making. The team of Michael, Oliver and Eliya, joined my Kieran, James and myself won the competition. Although, some of us had some other preferences, the ones who had decided were not the students but the architect Ed Taylor himself together with some of the members from the Foundation like Edith and Simon and some other tutors. Big congratulations to the team. They, we should be very proud.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 18 - New Team

Kieran, James and myself joined the team of Eliya, Michael and Oliver. We had to continue, contribute and developed their proposal. We managed to somehow integrate our views into their design and it was a pleasant team work. It was nice to work with them as all three of them were determined and hard-working people really aiming to win. We worked solidly on day 18 which was kind of the only day we could do everything - a site model, 1:50 model of proposal and produce a few drawings. Michael created a story-board of the building and the different functions which was a winner for sure. 

Prince's Foundation Summer School 2014 Day 17 - Critique

Day 17 was the day of election. A committee of architects, builders, members of the Prince's Foundation had to select a few projects which would go further and the rest (losing ones) would be spread along the winning teams. Unfortunately, our team did not get selected so we had to join another team and merge ideas which was still interesting and exciting news. It was a long day of wait and discussions.

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 16 - Design

Me, Kieran and James produced a few drawings and two models which could communicate our idea which was a round house in cinematic condition with timber panels all around, behind which would be drawn images of life as a farmer. As the children walk around the building, an image would be revealed as the panels would be rotated by 30 degrees in order to create such conditions.