Saturday, 27 November 2010

Digital Culture Module - Movie Task - 70's iFever

We made a video as a group of a task called 'A 70's Scrapbook'.
The involved were:

Friday, 26 November 2010

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Gothic Spaces Analysis

Studying the Baroque pattern I find quite interesting the Gothic spaces which cathedrals create. I tried to develop a render of a rose with its many layers using them as pathways, different spaces.

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Baroque Pattern Studies

I made a couple of renders just to get more into the baroque style. I wanted to study its history, its relation to the organic ornaments and the way it creates spaces. I was inspired by the flora in San Michele, so I made that as an initial proposal for a chapel for the site.

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Flower Render

Inspired by flowers on the site, I made a decision to make a 3D model of a rose just to experiment with the layers and the spaces it creates.

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Site Analysis - Leukemia Studies

I made a 3D model of the white cell of leukemia. I decided to study one of the most popular and dangerous illnesses ever. The white cells kill the red ones in humans blood and the person dies. It is kind of weird decision for design but I just tried to be experimental.

Check Spelling

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Site Analysis - 3D model of site

A 3D model of the entire island made on 3D studio Max by me.

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Site Analysis - Scent of Chipperfield

Inspired by David Chipperfield's design I decided to explore some emotions on the site.

Celebratory Spaces - Project 2 - Cemetery - Site Analysis - David Chipperfield

Visiting the site, it is just impossible not to pay attention at the beautiful new part designed by the famous British architect David Chipperfield. He designed a whole new extension to the island. The material is concrete with really nice texture. All the urns are covered with lots of flowers. The design from plan looks like a labyrinth. It is very clever and very impressive design. It looks good with the brick elevation of the island as well.

Section - atmospheric

Map - showing the new extension by Chipperfield

Original Section

Original Plan