Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Prince's Foundation Summer School Week 1 Summery

We were lucky enough to have Richard Ivey as a professional photographer who followed our progress throughout the entire summer school. Here are some photographs of my participation during the first week all of which have been taken by Richard. 

Copyright Richard Ivey

Monday, 29 September 2014

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 5

The last day in London was quite emotional and hectic. We began the day with some perspective drawings around Hoxton Square and moved to the Old Spitalfields market where caught the heaviest rain I've ever experienced in London. It was very beautiful and very dense. After the long walk around Shoreditch with the sketchbooks, we went back to the foundation where we prepared for our crit. It was very good to see what everybody has been up to for a week and how much we have developed and learned. The night finished with a celebratory dinner party at the nearest pizza place which unfortunately I couldn't attend. The day after we were off to Scotland.

Prince's Foundation Summer School 2014 Day 4

We spent a few hours around the BRE Innovation Park where we visited Prince's Natural House. Some of the stuff was impressive, others less. The Prince's Natural House was my favourite of all, although some of them have way much modern look but the Prince's one seemed to me to be the most energy efficient and innovative. I quite enjoyed my time inside as it was a hot day and we were all looking for a place to hide away from the sun rays.

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 3 - Jonathan Horning's Simple Structures Final Class

Eventually, we finished with a team building huge shed structure made with lots of love and attentiveness by all the participants in the Summer School  2014. 

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 3

The third day continued with some more basic structures and we got introduced into perspective drawing with Lucien Steil who was incredible pleasure and fun to work with. We drew a few details as well as some streets-cape elements around Shoreditch, close to where the foundation is located. Working with such talented and energetic people was just effortless and very interesting. They made us fall in love with their subjects easily and we did so.