Monday, 29 September 2014

Prince's Foundation Summer School Day 2

On the second day we continued with life drawing classes and geometry but we also got introduced into Simple structures led by Jonathan Horning. It was an intense day as we began really early in the morning and finished quite late in the evening. We all loved though, it was such a pleasure being together and learning so much on daily basis. I was surrounded by extremely talented people who come from completely different backgrounds but share the same interest - creating better architecture, making life a better place. The food we were fed with was absolutely delicious. On this day I called the flight company to change my flight as I was supposed to depart on 7th of August but I would have still been doing the workshop so made the change for 10th of August...I just loved too much to miss out of it.

Introduction to simple structures was my favourite by far as I loved making stuff with my hands and was so proud of the final achievement. I really enjoyed learning such useful skills which no one taught me before.

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