Thursday, 31 May 2012

Final Images

The most critical images of the most beautiful hotel room in the world are the ones showed bellow. The first one is the transition of the urban cityscape to the volcanic island of Lanzarote. The second image is a section which shows how visitors would be introduced to the internal spatial condition of the volcano without actually being there at all (external internity). The third one is the redness of the bar which would celebrate the south-east façade of Montana Colorada which is entirely covered with red clinker. The final one is the feeling of being inside of one of the most beautiful hotel rooms in the world and having the panoramic view and representation of being in and outside at the same time. Please, refer to the video and the whole portfolio in the previous posts before.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Non-Scape Dialogue - video

One third of the entire project during Year 3 at Oxford School of Architecture was the invention of a film. A final summary  of the whole process in Semester One and Two. There is a full filmography which you would see soon but this is the video which was submitted as final. The film is the initial and final observation of the author and after its viewing the work process starts.

Monday, 7 May 2012

A Non-Scape Dialogue

A Non-Scape Dialogue is a year project which is divided by two main parts. The first one is a light condition research in space and time which took place at One New Change - shopping mall in London designed by Jean Nouvel in collaboration with Sidell Gibson Architects. The condition that was observed there was a paradoxic phenomena. A person closed within an internal condition appears onto an external projection which the camera position captures with its full scale, movement, angle etc. The action has an incredible meaning. It combines in- and outside and unites those extreme circumstances into one undefined uncertain Non-Scape Dialogue.
The second part of the project is not a study and a replication of what has already been discovered but a physical interpretation of this state. The most beautiful hotel room in the world has to be designed in a land with frozen quality - Lanzarote, Canary islands. The particular area chosen for site is a volcano called Montaña Colorada - the red volcano. This massive cone carries the same quality as the shopping centre in London. The urban character is redefined in natural landscape. The volcano has a crater which starts from the external elevation and it goes all the way down to the internal condition of the mountain. The crack. This beautiful human-scale 'cut' has an enormous meaningful impact on the non-space. It gives the opportunity to be in and out at the same time, to experience a condition which is possible only if you turn or move but in this case you have it projected onto one complete landscaped screen.