Thursday, 27 October 2011

DAM_N - Lost in transformation

Everybody wants to be found. We all look for our perfect partner but sometimes current circumstances do not allow us to make plans. Sometimes we are misunderstood, even in geometry.
A story of a broken geometry which leads to a broken heart.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Conceptual Drawings

These three drawings are the very first and very simple attempt which has been made based on the film studies. They express time, camera view point and motion. They are very abstract but they will be developed and revised in a more significant way. It's just the very beginning of the process but still part of it.
They illustrate the lift which is the main protagonist in the building site.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

BLITZKREIG - Natural Artificiality

This film is experienced by a character that goes to an ordinary toilet in their everyday workplace life. The person goes there and starts being extremely fascinating by the fact how incredibly the light bulb communicates with its environment – blink, flash, and flicker. A product, created by a human being seems to have feelings and expressions, seems to carry a message. It subsists, it breaths, it correspondences, it even suffers.
It reminds of the expressions “Blitzkreig”, which is used to define the power of mechanised light during the Second World War. The war itself is considered as frozen, obscure and dreadful space and the only illumination it reflects is forced, synthetic and surreal – the light of destruction, eradication and death. The light of war, the light of finale, the light of time – the beginning of combat & end of vitality.
This regular blub is at the end of its life and it gives its signals to the world. It demonstrates its power through manifestation – it fights, it struggle but it still lasts. Eruption of sentiments.
This is a moment of an artificial object’s life. The beauty in becoming extinct.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Cinematic Motion

Cinematic Motion is experimental montage from many footages based on One New Change. It has the aim to express the static camera view and the dynamic movement in landscape of the crowd. It is still 'under construction' as the main focus is to be proved the kaleidoscopic space which the reflections create. It's the same relationship as the kaleidoscope from one end is the observer's eye and from the other is the light. In its structure it contains three mirrors facing one another and many small bits of glass, pebbles etc. These pieces I find as the humans in the site as they create the pattern of motion.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spectrum Of Change

One New Change is not only a fancy sophisticated shopping centre, but a film. The building is so rhythmic and motional. It's absolutely unconstant and vibrant, dynamic. Its reflective materials react upon the natural daylight. It also combines the sun light with the artificial one in a magical mixture.
The special device - scenic elevator - is extremely significant, not just because it's panoramic, but because it reminds kaleidoscope.
The same relation between the human and the toy is observed in this case between the protagonist and the building itself.
This is a project based on nautral light which I am doing in my final year of my bachelor degree. It's just a beginning of a case study which will continue and involve a lot of work based on this building.

Special greetings to Sidell Gibson Partnership Architects.