Saturday, 15 October 2011

BLITZKREIG - Natural Artificiality

This film is experienced by a character that goes to an ordinary toilet in their everyday workplace life. The person goes there and starts being extremely fascinating by the fact how incredibly the light bulb communicates with its environment – blink, flash, and flicker. A product, created by a human being seems to have feelings and expressions, seems to carry a message. It subsists, it breaths, it correspondences, it even suffers.
It reminds of the expressions “Blitzkreig”, which is used to define the power of mechanised light during the Second World War. The war itself is considered as frozen, obscure and dreadful space and the only illumination it reflects is forced, synthetic and surreal – the light of destruction, eradication and death. The light of war, the light of finale, the light of time – the beginning of combat & end of vitality.
This regular blub is at the end of its life and it gives its signals to the world. It demonstrates its power through manifestation – it fights, it struggle but it still lasts. Eruption of sentiments.
This is a moment of an artificial object’s life. The beauty in becoming extinct.

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