Friday, 2 July 2010


A group of young, ambitious and innovative people organised a workshop for those who are interested in the sphere of architecture, engineering, survey etc or people who are just curious about this type of building. Their idea is to start a 'new' type of designing and creating only with natural materials - wood (frame), clay(filling), dry grass(filling), mud(finishing), fresh grass(finishing), rocks(base) etc. Their workshop is a small hut in a village called Kovachevtsi. Their main idea is to run away from the usual materials like concrete and steel and to 'evoluate' into something closer to the nature and in peace with it. The workshop is open for anyone who wants to take part. A lot of different kind of people have visited the place like photographers, journalists, architects, engineers, designers, builders etc. All of them come to share their experience and to add more useful information for their further designs.

The first day was on 1st of July and we just finished the already started toilet and mixed some clay and mud for the frame filling. The weather was friendly, so we were able to do a lot of stuff.
The second day on 2nd of July we had more theory. It was a rainy day, so we could do just a bit of work and then we had tutorials and seminars all day long.
On the third day more people joined the workshop, so we had more hands to help with the stuff. We were mixing clay with water, mud with sand + grass + straw. We were doing the shuttering and some of the finishing work.
On the last day which was 4th of July the architect came and gave us a lecture about all those kind of building and he went through his own experience, he talked about his own house close to a city called Belogradchik and some more others. The though us some techniques for the roof, for bricks made of mud called 'kerpich'.

Here are some pictures of the whole process and the people who were involved:

architect George Georgiev

The toilet is ready

Tutorials with the architect



Inside elevation

Carlson is drinking beer on the roof

Filling the shuttering

Filling the shuttering


Inside the hut

Over the village

The suttering

The sunset over Vitosha

Starting shuttering

Me as a clay maker

The surrounding atmosphere

A family

Preparing shuttering

Clay tutorials

Clay tutorials

The hut

Cooking is also part of the process


The toilet pipe

The toilet - beginning

Timber frame

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