Thursday, 22 July 2010

Everyday Matters

Everyday Matters was called the first project at Oxford Brookes University - First year. All of us as future architects had to propose an idea about several different topics like smell, ownership, safety, atmosphere and noise. It was a 'live' project and the council of Oxford invested in it 20 000 pounds. We had to improve a small place in Jericho - a neighborhood in Oxford. We all were divided by groups and the topic of my group was safety. We decided to remove the existing staircase from the building because it was going into the building. We proposed to put it next to it and the place where it used to be to become a storage. The staircase space was neglected and really tiny which represented discomfort. Also, we proposed 'Brass Corner' which actually was the name of our project. This corner was for putting bicycles on it. Here is the sun machine testing of the brass prototypes, a model of the whole proposal and the final collage which we showed to the people of the Oxford council.

Sun machine testing

The model of Mount Place - the site

Page of my portfolio

A page from my portfolio

Collage 'Brass Corner'

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