Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Home town architecture

All those pictures are capured in my home town Sofia, Bulgaria. Some of them are only of bulidings, others are pictures of buildings influenced by the weather. I just express my own point of view at those 'objects'. Enjoy:

National Gallery of Foreign Art

Turkish Embassy

The Union of Architects building

Office Building & Liulin Mountain

Sunset over city

The bridge & Vitosha Mountain

St. George chirch

Sheraton hotel - detail

Sheraton hotel

Alexander Nevski

Alexander Nevski

Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape

A building for living in my neibourhood

A plane in the sky

Sofia Airport - Terminal 2

Sofia Airport - Terminal 2

The Mall

New typical architecture for administrative
buildings in Sofia

The ministry of argiculture

Office buliding

Museum of Ministry of Interior

An old unresaurated building in the city centre

This one was supposed to be press building
but it was left unfinished.

The Mall - interior

The national libabry - details

Sofia University - Main Campus

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