Sunday, 27 June 2010

OB1 LIVE - London Festival of Architecture

The festival this year gave us an opportunity to get involved by designing a bench for a place called Mount Place, Jericho in Oxford where was based our very first project as architecture students. The amount of money for that purpose is £300. As a team working all together with our tutors we decided that the best way to do it is to recycle. We found old useless furniture and we designed the shape. We discussed the materials and we stopped ourselves on concrete. Here is some more information on the LFA page:
'OB1 LIVE will bring a prototype Bench, made of recycled materials sourced locally in Oxford and Stratford - specifically sited in the public space near the canals. Chosen for the parity of site context - local housing, canal and common public space, the bench will activate the space with a participatory function to be confirmed near the time. The bench will then be deconstructed and in the spirit of Make do and Mend, it will be remade and reused in Jericho, Oxford.'


Models of final proposal

Info Materials

Info Bench


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